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Falafel is an ancient dish that has been popular in Egypt since the Pharaohs’ time, and now the rest of the world.

Doctor Falafel Signature £5

Falafel, tomoato, rocket, tahini, Egyptian cucumber and homus (the original way).

Fab Falafel £6

Falafel, tomoato, rocket, halloumi cheese, tahini and homus.

Alexander the Great £6

Falafel, rocket, tomoato, feta cheese, black olive, tahini and homus.

Ramses the Pharaoh £6

Falafel, rocket, tomoato, eggplant paste, homus and tahini.

Fool Wraps £5

Egyptian fava beans with homus, salad, tahini and pinch of olive oil.

King’s Tut Basket £7

5 falafel on a bed of rocket, tomato with homus and mixed picke on the side. Tahini dressing on the top.

Why Not £5

Take away our falafel paste to fry at home? 250 grams.

Vine Leaves £5

Stuffed vine leaves with salad and homus on the side.

Koshari £7

Egyptian mix of cooked rice, lentils, pasta, chick peas, topped with special tomato sauce and fried onion dressing.

Chips £3


Soft Drinks £1.20

All our sandwiches come with mixed pickle on the side. Please ask a member of staff if you have any allergies.

*Discounts for NHS, Ambulance Service, Fire Department & MOD personnel, students, Churchill Square Employees, Brighton & Hove bus drivers and council workers!