falafels plate brighton dr falafel

The whole idea of Doctor Falafel started when I was looking for a nice test of falafel wrap to enjoy but couldn’t find many places doing it as it should be done.

Falafel  originally comes from Egypt,

some say perhaps from other regions regardless its origins Most region including Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan rest of the world falafel is made with chick peas, but in Egypt its mainly made with fava beans ,the Nile rich surely produced amazing vegetables Fava beans is very rich in vegetable protein

After a long testing period, and inviting friends to sample, We use both ingredients.fava beans and chickpeas  Along with the freshest carefully selected green herbs, and spices combinations of ingredients, tahini and salads are selected carefully to deliver the best taste possible.

Egyptian cuisine has long been known to have an amazing range of recipes.  Our aim in Doctor Falalfel to introduce dishes, that come from an ancient tradition using healthy ingredients that our planet produce

Doctor Falafel is Family run business we are so proud it is established first in Brighton

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